About Anna's Doggy Parlour

The parlour is owned and managed by Anna van der Merwe.

She has 20 years experience in owning and managing Doggy parlours. She is also a specialist breeder of Yorkshire Terriers thereby ensuring she has a special interest in their grooming.

Situated in the Vetland building it is spacious and modern and close to vetinary services if required.


More about the Friendly Staff

An experienced and well trained team grooms our furry clients.

In parlour management is the responsibility of Blommetjie and Juan who will give you a warm welcome.

Blommetjie mainly handles the pick up and delivery service.

Anna will personally receive all your telephonic bookings and special requests.


What type of Breeds do we groom:

We cater for all breeds of dogs,big and small. We currently do not cater for Cats.

Every effort is made to ensure that doggies receive a high quality and enjoyable grooming experience.

All special cutting styles are catered for, including special Yorkshire Terrier cuts developed by owner Anna, stemming from her experience as a Yorkie breeder and owner.

Salon Accessories

We also stock a selected range of doggie accessories including jerseys and special shampoo's.


Operating Hours

Monday to Friday: 08h00 t0 17h00

Saturday: 08h00 to 13h00

Pick up and delivery service only operates Monday to Friday.